William Branham Videos!

God designed you to live a life that's fulfilled in Him, radiates His beauty, and impacts the lives of everyone you touch for His glory. In the final several months, God has planted in my coronary heart a new message of hope in addition to a deep burden to share it. This message is about freedom and spiritual abundance; about residing a life in full communion with Jesus; about breaking by way of our earthly limitations and making a robust impression on the world round us. It is about you and me finally discovering our place within God's magnificent kingdom on earth.

My first e-book, Run Baby Run, is the story of how God saved me from a lifetime of hate and violence in the street gangs of New York. The world today no longer accepts a perception system rooted in tradition and complacency — doing church as we've always carried out it. The subsequent god way is perfect technology will both see the ability of God working of their lives in real, tangible ways, or they will don't have any use for our message and no interest in following our Savior. Even when we fail Him, God loves us; He seeks us out and reconciles us to Himself.

And here's another tip from the choir directing neighborhood: If you are going to be doing the song about the same as the original recording, you could wish to play the recording for the choir once you first present it. The choir can hear the finished product and perhaps sing together with it. This can provide them a lift of confidence and generate some pleasure about the tune.