Suds Fundraising

Good Clear Fundraiser offers a lucrative and noteworthy fundraising washing detergent fundraiser system for Colleges, Youth Communities, Clubs and Athletic Corporations, Churches, non-profits, etc. We offer Top Quality fluid laundry detergents and fabric softeners made in the usa here by a big soap producer. The laundry soap is sold when several consumers are paying 13-15 cents per oz in the food store, in 5-gallon containers for around $45 which concerns roughly 7 dollars per ounce. One of the companies selling soap for fundraising is Superior Clean Fundraising (or 800-680-3775). I'll search for different companies carrying this out (if you can find some other businesses) and post an update for individuals who wish to pursue this as a fundraising option. Update March 3, 2015: A commenter has located Tide (powdered, not fluid) in five-quart containers imported from Vietnam being sold in Houston.

Many thanks on your response Bruce but I'll continue to get Hold from the retailer and I am kind of worried to make use of it now-so I'll most likely resale it! If Food Maxx is marketing powder soap, it may be real Tide imported from Vietnam (notice earlier comments) or other overseas areas. All of the detergents distributed for fundraiser originate from us besides anybody claiming they're currently providing Hold Soaps. I know your list a few fundraising vendors on your own website, we're the produce of the goods. It is likely actual Hold imported from Vietnam (notice the CHUYÊN DUNG at the center of the brand).

New fundraiser or fundraisers consideration that could prefer to be setup if you're able to please post our contact details. I will be guaranteed to explain to them what the products are and what they can't do in laundry detergent fundraiser relation to marketing items under trade marks they do not possess. The Wave is produced differently compared to the American Tide and you also might not like it. Allow the consumer be informed.